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Tips to Surviving a Move While Changing Jobs or Schools

Relocation Tips for Changing Jobs or Changing Schools

Changing jobs or moving to a new school are two of the most exciting and stressful times of life. You’re ready for the new environment, but there are a lot of moving logistics associated with the transition. Use these top relocation tips for surviving a move when it comes to job changes and college integration. The process can be streamlined with the help of reputable movers.

1. Ask About Relocation Benefits

One of the most often overlooked relocation tips involves relocation benefits. If you’re being asked to transfer to another facility within the same company, many businesses pay for the expenses. The relocation benefits might include:

• Moving company charges

• Miscellaneous fees for utility setups

• Gas and mileage costs on your vehicles

When the employer covers some or all of your moving expenses, the job transition is easier to handle. Simply keep your receipts for proof of your expenditures.

Changing schools is a cost that you have to cover yourself. Unless an employer requires you to attend a college for a certain reason, relocation benefits are limited to internal transitions only.

2. Opt for Temporary Housing First

Surviving a new year at another location means that you must be happy with your surroundings. It’s impossible to get a good idea of the neighborhoods in a community with a long-distance perspective. Spending time in these areas is the only way to make a logical decision.

Instead of guessing about neighborhoods and buying a home from afar, choose temporary housing at first. Your employer may have certain residential hotels in mind that serve their offices, for instance. Staying in temporary housing for several months is a great way to see the city without committing to a property purchase.

Moving into college is a much easier decision. All properties are considered temporary so your move isn’t a completely permanent situation.

3. Hire the Right Movers

The most important out of our relocation tips is hiring the right movers. As soon as you know that you’re moving out, research movers in your area. Every company has its niche, such as moving within the city or interstate projects. If your new job or school is in another state, you need a moving company with a concentration in this area. They’ll have the vehicles and knowledge to complete the move without any setbacks.

Find the best moving companies and get free quotes with our site tool. Interview three to four different companies to get an idea of services and prices. The mover with the median rate is usually the best choice.

4. Remember Peak Times

The summertime is the peak season for moving across the nation. If you’re moving and changing schools, you can’t avoid this season. Simply set a moving date with a reputable company as early as possible. Premium pricing will be in effect, however.

As you negotiate on changing jobs, consider a move outside of the summer period. It’ll save both you and the employer some money. Consider early fall or spring for the job transition. Some moves are even possible during the winter with mild to moderate weather. Be creative with the moving date to see the savings grow.

5. Keep up With Important Dates

Our top relocation tips include keeping up with important dates. One of the main reasons to change jobs is because of company needs. Your position is a busy one. While you work hard at the office, the move must still be a priority. Tell your employer about particular dates, such as the actual moving day and utility setups. They can arrange for time off on these days of course with it being a job transition.

Schedule Accordingly. changing jobs. getting a new job.

When changing schools, some tips include move-in dates for students. There are usually one or two days designed for moving. Be aware of these dates. They’re often nonnegotiable. Colleges control traffic to the dormitories on these days.

6. Store Your Personal Items

Temporary housing and dormitory living don’t require a complete move of every personal item. You’ll probably have items that must be stored for a short duration. Being in this position means that renting a storage unit is necessary. Ask your hired movers to stack the items that you don’t need into a storage facility. Supervise this process so that certain items can be accessible at the front of the unit. You’ll save money with a storage unit while you’re transitioning into a new job, city or even changing schools.

7. Stay in Communication With the Movers

You have a storage unit and the move into your temporary housing or dorm is complete. Keep in contact with the movers afterwards. Let them know when you might need their services again.

Finding a home in your neighborhood to move into during the next few months is your goal. The movers can then transfer the items from the storage unit and into the new home.

As you complete your first year in college, you might move into a regular apartment. Use the movers in this case too. The communication keeps dates open for your convenience and pricing may be negotiated as a result.

8. Take Your Time With Research

Don’t be in a hurry to contact the movers after your initial transition. Take your time with the home-buying process. Visit the neighborhoods that you enjoy. Walk the streets and talk to the residents. The new location has its own culture, which you need to internalize and understand. You don’t want to pick the wrong neighborhood and make a purchasing mistake.

9. Prep for the New Property

You’re ready to move into your new property from temporary housing or college. The moving date is set. Prepare for the new property by setting up the utilities and examining the layout. Speak to the movers about potential issues, such as taking a piano up the stairs.

Invite the movers to see the property. They’re already familiar with the storage facility. The movers can look over your property in order to devise a move-in plan. In the end, the final move will be problem-free as you get reacquainted with the movers from the initial transition.

Moving with the right company is very important during a job transition or when moving to a new school. Pass along the good word if you’re pleased with your movers. Tell loved ones about their stellar service and post positive reviews online. A move is challenging for everyone involved in the process. Make it easier for someone else by advertising the best movers in your opinion.

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