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The Best Seasons to Consider Making Your Move

If you have a choice of moving dates, the entire year is at your disposal. Is there a “good” or “bad” time to move? This question is asked by nearly every person who’s ready to transition during a move. Get familiar with the best seasons for your move. Your choice remains a subjective one at the end of the day.

1. Catching Movers Before the Peak Season

Hiring cheap movers takes some research. You want a balance of a reputable company, honest pricing and flexible scheduling. In reality, the best movers are booked several months in advance.

Err on the side of caution by catching the movers before their peak season in the summer. Choose an early spring month, such as March, to transition across the nation. Most movers are just barely creating a schedule at this point in the year. They’ll be open with many appointments that can fit your schedule.

2. Enjoying Comfortable Temperatures

The best seasons for your move is during the cooler seasons of spring, fall and winter. Try to avoid moving during the summer. Comfortable temperatures will improve everyone’s moods and enhances productivity. Scorching temperatures will only create a long and drawn out move.

Every region is different, however, and hot temperatures might arise during the other seasons. Be your own professional weather person by paying attention to regional patterns. You may be able to avoid the hottest days with a little research. The movers can transition your household at a rapid pace as a result.

3. Taking Advantage of Extra Sunlight

In some cases, the summer is the best seasons for your move. Large households have several bedrooms full of items to be moved, therefore, the transition will take more time and effort than a studio apartment, for example. The summer has long days, which offers moving companies more time to pack and haul the belongings to the final destination.

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Performing moving services in the dark of winter is often too complex or outright dangerous. For a large move, pick a summer day with 12 hours or more of daylight. The extra time is worth it.

4. Squeezing Into a New Home Before the Holidays

The spring and summer may not work for your moving schedule. Consider a fall move when the temperatures are moderate once again. Affordable movers are recovering from the summer rush, which means that you can find an appointment at your leisure. Moving during the fall means that you can be transitioned and settled into your new home before the holidays. Decorate and enjoy the year-end festivities without worrying about a move in the new year. A fall move can be perfect for couples or individuals with new jobs on the horizon.

5. Exploring Scheduling Versatility in the Winter

When you consider every season in the year, low price movers are the least busy in the winter. Their moving quotes are also at discounted rates. If you’re looking for a good deal, a winter move is the best seasons for your move. Be aware, however, that inclement weather can make the transition tough. A winter move works best when it’s performed in a region that doesn’t have major ice or snow storms. Consider the weather where you are located now and in the new town before making a winter move.

6. Remembering the School Schedule

As you research low price movers, take your children’s schooling into consideration. Most schools are in session during the fall, winter and spring. A summer move is the smartest way to avoid too much lost time in the classroom.

Other schools make moving a bit easier. They might be on a track schedule where there are random weeks in the year where school is out. Look at your specific schedule so that moving isn’t too disruptive to the family. For more information, check out these Top Tips to Surviving a Move While Changing Jobs or Schools

7. Selling the Home is a Breeze in the Spring and Summer

If you happen to own a home, selling it is a major part of your transition. Choosing the best season for the sale is just as important as finding affordable movers. In this case, consider a spring or summer sale and transition. This time period is complete with excited buyers and pleasant weather for open houses. As bids flood in from the buyers, you can set up an appointment with moving out of state companies. You’ll be ready for the move in no time.

8. Scheduling Mid-Month Moves is Clever

If you have a goal to hire cheap movers, choosing an off-season appointment is paramount to your budget. As an added bonus, you can also curb your charges by trying a mid-month move instead of a month-end date. Most moving companies are busy on the 1st or 30th of the month. Select a moving date in the spring, fall or winter that falls on the 15th for low prices and ample appointment times.

9. Paying Attention to Moving Rates

Moving will always cost more than an in-town transition. Be mindful of today’s charges that might appear on moving quotes. Moving rates are largely based on weight values of your belongings. These rates will fluctuate, depending on the season. The summertime is the most expensive season for a move. Companies are full of appointments, so their rates increase as a result of supply versus demand.

If you know that a summer move is inevitable, budget for the premium pricing. The movers can work with you to a certain degree, but their labor is worth the charges set in place.

Finally, remember to compliment your moving professionals with online reviews. Passing on their talents to the public will only preserve their business. When you’re ready for the next move, you’ll have an established relationship with the best moving companies in the industry.

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