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The Real Benefits of Pool Table Movers

You have most of your move organized and ready to go. The couch, dining table and beds are all prepped for the moving truck. Everything goes according to plan until you cast a glance at the pool table. This item is a challenge even for the professionals. It’s our goal to help you find the right pool table movers for your transition. Get familiar with the smartest ways to move a pool table without damaging it. They’re more sensitive than you might imagine.

1. It’s Not Just a Piece of Furniture

As you consider how to move a pool table, it becomes apparent that it’s not just an ordinary piece of furniture. It can weigh upwards of 1,000 pounds as a single unit. As a result, it cannot be moved like a couch or coffee table.

A pool table moving company will take the item apart for any transition. They must carefully remove the felt that covers the heavy-duty slats down below. The felt and slats are the most important elements to protect during a move. Damage to these items makes the pool table practically useless as a game piece otherwise.

How to move a pool table

Some billiard table movers may require the pool table to be “disassembled by customer” before moving it. If thats the case, we suggest checking out Uship’s 5 Steps To Disassemble A Pool Table.

2. Factors to Consider

There are several challenges during a move that may be overlooked by nonprofessionals. There must be a strategy involved, such as choosing an exact pathway for the table and its accessories. Certain doors or stairwells, for example, may be too narrow for use by a pool table moving company. The professionals usually measure various parts of the chosen pathway so that the move isn’t delayed with sizing issues.

With this fact in mind, search for pool table movers near me with our Moving Price Calculator. Our team gives you a handful of professionals to contact and approve on your own terms.

3. Think About New Felt

As you learn how to move a pool table, its intricacies are suddenly at the forefront of your mind. If you perform this process yourself, there may be problems with the felt as you reassemble the table. In fact, even the professionals have difficulties with reassembling the felt if it’s particularly old.

It must be stretched into the exact dimensions as before when you reuse the same piece. When you consider how to move a pool table either by professionals or DIY methods, think about replacing the felt as a rule. The table will look and feel brand new after the move.

4. Estimating a Mover’s Cost

The cost factor is always a concern. That’s why many people learn how to move a pool table and try it themselves. However, the cost is certainly worth it as a way to preserve the table’s integrity. Expect to pay between $400 and $600 for professional movers. Keep in mind that this quote is for local, pool table movers.

Long-distance moves might require an additional cost. The item’s weight, the distance to travel and other factors will culminate into an exact price. Our website can offer you the names of several professionals so that an educated decision can be made. Use the form below to get a Free Quote in seconds!

Use our Moving Price Calculator to get a free quote PLUS a free estimate!

5. Benefiting From a Professional’s Touch

There are a number of benefits when you hire a pool table moving company. Think about these aspects as you decide between a DIY move and picking out professional assistance.

a. Insured and Bonded

When we send you several quotes from qualified pool table movers, you’ll know that they have liability protection. The keywords to look out for are “insured” and “bonded.” Dealing with any pool table is a heavy task. If you try to disassemble and move it, injury is entirely possible.

Movers have the experience to avoid injury. If a rare problem does arise, the company’s insurance covers the worker’s medical issues. The bonded part of their coverage protects against any issues that arise with completing the agreed-upon job. As a result, a pool table will travel from one location to the next with a complete assembly at the end. The job won’t be abandoned.

b. Reassembly is a No-Brainer

The hardest part of moving a pool table isn’t the disassembly. In fact, it’s much harder to reassemble it at the new location. A pool table moving company can complete this service without any challenges. They’ve had extensive experience with this process.

Because pool-table owners don’t move their items very often, the assembly process is a foreign concept to them. Reassembly will take longer with many mistakes. Damage might occur. It’s simply easier to hire pool table movers near me with the help of our quoting process.

c. Experience Talks

The movers have alternative experience when it comes to reassembly options too. The new location may not have a level floor, for example. The table cannot be set up and allowed to operate in these conditions. The movers can create a level area for the table, which improves your game play in the future.

pool table movers. pool table moving company. pool table floor

Without this type of experience, anyone who tries to reassemble and install the pool table will be greeted with extenuating circumstances. Damage might occur as well. Take advantage of the mover’s expertise because our quoting services will only offer you the very best in the business.

d. Wrapping Like an Expert

One of the biggest mistakes during a move is forgoing a quality, wrapping job. Movers don’t just stack the slates in a truck and drive off. Each piece, including the legs, slates and rails, are carefully wrapped in blankets or other materials. The wrapping job protects the pieces from aesthetic damage, but also reduces warping from contact with other items.

Pool-table owners can certainly wrap their belongings, but the movers have those extra tricks and tips to make the job go right every time. Allow us to find several movers from our database who can meet your needs.

Contact our team as you search for pool table movers near me. We’re here to help you navigate through all of the moving options available today. With just a little bit of information, we can find a moving team that works for your budget. Pool table movers will ultimately protect your investment.


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