Packing Tips: How to Pack for a Move

moving boxes with tape and scissors

Tips and Hacks: Best Way To Pack For Moving

Whether you’re moving into a home about 10 miles away or across the globe, everyone must pack up their current residence at some point. Packing isn’t a skill that’s practiced on a regular basis. There are packing tips and tricks that can save you real money. Explore these top moving hacks when you’re ready to begin in a new location. The process will be easier as a result.

1. Collect Boxes Now

First on the list of moving hacks is to collect all of your boxes. It’s entirely possible to spend hundreds of dollars on moving boxes alone. As soon as you even consider a move, hold onto any boxes in your possession. Smart moving hacks include breaking down boxes from shipments to your home. Build them back up again as you’re packing to move.

Boxes of any size will do too. They don’t have to be huge boxes every time. The best way to pack for moving involves multiple sizes of boxes so that every item is carefully snug in its container.

2. Throw a Yard Sale

Secondly, One of the top packing tips and tricks in the industry is getting rid of your clutter. Advertise for a yard sale so that you can sell many items that are unwanted at this point. However, Items that don’t sell can be donated to local charities.

Also, remember to go through your attic and basement before a yard sale too. The best way to pack for moving is scouring all of your rooms for unwanted items first and then organizing the desired mementos.

3. Gather Towels and Rags

Towels and rags. Packing tips for moving

You definitely know how to pack for a move when you see your towels and rags as valuable resources. Moving hacks that save you money will demand these fabrics as padding for your breakable items. Skip the bubble wrap, and use towels wrapped around glass and lamps. You’re effectively packing the fabrics at the same time. The best packing tips and tricks explore the creative side of your mind. There’s no reason why the fabrics should be stacked otherwise!

4. Begin With Unused Items

Think about the items that just sit in drawers or cabinets. They’re perfect places to start with your initial packing. You won’t need them in the immediate future, so start packing to move now. Pull out old knickknacks and personal mementos, for example. Pack them away in a corner of the house. Out of all the packing tips and tricks known today, this advice is the simplest to follow. Just load the moving truck with these boxes first.

5. Fill Drawers and Bags

Intelligent moving tips will make use of every square inch of space within the moving truck. Don’t empty out those dresser drawers! Refrain from packing empty suitcases. Moving ideas include packing within the furniture and available bags. Keep your socks, shirts and shorts in the drawers, for instance. Tape them closed so that they don’t slide open. When you arrive at your destination, you’re practically moved in already.

6. Stuff Your Shoes

One of the most overlooked packing tips involves your shoes. Although the space within them is limited, it is a considerable amount when you have multiple pairs. Fill those shoes with small trinkets, underwear and other tiny items. They’ll be safe from any damage without taking up too much room. Learning how to pack for a move encourages use of every available space.

7. Label at Least Two Sides

One of the most helpful moving tips is labeling more than one side of each box. They’ll be stacked and arranged in a variety of ways; you never know which way the label will face. Knowing how to pack for a move involves easy ways to recognize boxes that must go to certain rooms. Detail the room name and if it’s needed on the first day of the move with a star or asterisk.

8. Be Aware of Maximum Weight on Boxes

moving tips: weighing boxes on scale

Learn how to pack for a move by being aware of box limitations. A large box may have a heavy-duty weight limit, but it can’t hold your entire library of books. Consider these packing tips for moving by filling smaller boxes with heavier items. They’ll fill up faster while remaining within the weight limits.

Reserve large boxes for light to moderately heavy items. No boxes will tear or crack during the big day as a result.

9. Pull out the Trash Bags

Sturdy boxes might be king in the world of packing tips, but don’t underestimate the power of trash bags. Add linens and soft items to the trash bags. As you fill up the moving truck, you’ll discover many nooks and crannies that can accommodate those trash bags. Boxes can’t fill every space.

Just remember that packing tips for moving include common sense. Don’t place heavy or pointed items within the bags. The plastic may be strong, but it will tear under these conditions.

10. Remember to Pack a Personal Bag

Follow these packing tips for moving, including the steps right before the big day. Pull out a backpack or duffel bag. Fill it with critical prescriptions, moving paperwork and other important items. Clever packing and moving tips will get you nowhere unless you have every essential item available at your fingertips. The moving contract, for example, won’t help you if it’s packed at the back of the truck.

11. Keep Clothes on the Hangers

Packing to move can be overwhelming with dozens of hanging clothes that must be pulled from the closet. Try moving hacks that solve this labor-intensive issue. Don’t fold them at all. The best way to pack for moving includes simplicity. Pull the clothes with the hangers from the closet. Place them in the back of your car on moving day. They’ll be ready to hang in the new home with these packing tricks.

12. Photograph Assembled Furniture and Electronic Setups

Finally, last on the list of packing tips for moving include your handy cellphone. Take photos of any assembled furniture that must be disassembled as you’re packing to move. You’ll be able to piece them together with ease at the new location. However, if you are looking for a professional moving company to transport your items, they usually include the disassembling and reassembling of your furniture items in their services. 

Electronic setups, such as your television, satellite and audio equipment, have numerous connections that can be confusing. Moving tips demand photos of the setup before you disconnect anything. Recreate the entertainment center at your new home before the truck is even unpacked.

With enough preparation, your move can be successful. Try these moving ideas and come up with your own solutions. Creative packing and organizing reduces stress and makes the process a bit more fun. For more tips on packing, visit ConsumerAffairs for list of ideas to make packing even more convenient!


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