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Moving Hacks and Moving Tips

You have a brand-new job in another state, or the family may need to move back with the grandparents. Regardless of your reason for moving, this task can be an overwhelming one. You want the entire process to forge ahead without any issues. Take a few tips from the pros on how to make your move easier. These tips on packing and moving will significantly reduce your stress levels and overall costs. 

1. Visit the New Property

One moving hack to do before moving is actually visiting the new property. You need to see how the floor plan is laid out. Plan how you’ll arrange your furniture now. When movers arrive, you can direct them to the exact areas where the items will reside. 

Use a measuring tape in order to verify spatial concerns, especially within doorways. You may want a grand piano in the living area, but the doorway isn’t large enough. Consider clever alternatives, such as using a sliding glass door, for example.

2. Interview Several Moving Companies

The most important of all moving hacks is interviewing multiple moving companies. Prioritize your search for moving companies. Reputable movers are constantly busy. You need to schedule your move as early as possible. 

Ideally, use our site tool in order to find the best movers. This platform connects you with insured and licensed movers so that your research process is quickly streamlined. Save both time and money with this website as your starting point. Its the ultimate moving hack!

First, read our article on 7 Things to Look for in a Moving Company. Then choose at least four companies to interview. Ask about rates, fees and details regarding your particular move. They can give you an accurate quote during this meeting. Select a mover that has a solid reputation and fair quote in your mind.

3. Start Downsizing

With professionally licensed movers secured for your move, it’s time to concentrate on the home. Begin your transition by cleaning out the house. It’s easy to store away items that seem useful at the time. If you haven’t used an item in the past year, you probably don’t need it anyway.

Create a pile of items to either donate, trash or sell. Hold a yard sale in the coming weeks in order to move items even faster. There will be fewer boxes for the movers to handle as a result.

4. Activate Utilities

Fourth on our list of moving tips is activating utilities. Professional moving companies will always suggest that utilities should be on prior to their arrival. Moving day is stressful enough. You don’t want to juggle the movers and electric company at the same time.

Call the utility companies at the new property. Ask for an activation at least one or two days ahead of your move. When you arrive with the moving truck, the home can have power for lights and air conditioning. Consider gas, water and other utilities too. The comforts of home can be ready from the moment that you walk in the front door.

5. List Your Belongings

Checklist for how to make your move easier

One of the things to do before moving is listing your belongings. Write down the major items and roughly estimate the smaller ones, such as the number of dinner plates. This list comes in handy after you’ve worked with moving companies. If you notice that anything is missing from your list, you have a chance to double-check the moving truck or ask the movers about the items. 

Any move can be tiring and confusing. Use the list to verify that your belongings made it to the new destination.

6. Pack Unused Items Now

One moving hack includes packing unused items. There are several ways to pack with efficiency in mind, such as starting early. You may be a few months away from the move, but there are items that can be boxed now. Sentimental items and decorative artwork can be easily packed at this point.

For pro tips check out our recent post Moving Tips: How To Pack For A Move

Remember to follow the best tips on packing by labeling the boxes on multiple sides of the cardboard. Stow the box in a corner until moving day. Work your way through the house so that you’ll only have to pack a few items at the very end.

7. Keep Critical Items With You

Never store items that you need to have handy. Medication, financial papers and important documents should be brought with you in a bag on moving day. If the movers store critical items on the truck, you won’t have access to them until everything is unloaded. 

There are a number of ways to pack these important items. Carry a backpack or invest in a plastic crate that allows you to stack the items. Bring your moving contract in this pile as well.

8. Ship Cars Over Extremely Long Distances

Professional moving services have their professional vehicles to haul your items. The household might have several cars to move also. Try to only drive one vehicle with the moving truck. Putting extra miles on all of your cars isn’t necessary. Hire auto movers to ship the extra vehicles.

The cars can be picked up and carefully dropped off at your new destination. You’ll only have extra miles on that single vehicle now.

9. Communicate Obstacles With the Movers

Don’t surprise your movers with clear obstacles at the new property. Narrow pathways, stairs and other challenges should be brought up well before arrival. Moving services can prepare for the obstacles as a result. They might have specific tools or protocols in place to handle difficult circumstances, for example.

They might charge extra for particularly challenging issues. Keep in mind that their labor is making the move easier for you. An extra fee is worth it when you can get your couch up a tall flight of stairs.

10. Stick With the Moving Truck

As the movers start out on the road, follow behind in your personal vehicle. Always keep up with the movers, even when it’s time to stop for the night at a hotel. The movers are responsible for the truck, but you can be an extra pair of eyes for the valuables. 

Be sure to direct the movers to a brightly lit hotel with ample security. Unfortunately, moving trucks can be targets for thieves. Verify that locks are secure with loved ones watching the vehicle for most of the stay.

11. Know Where to Park

Movers may be familiar with a lot of places, but they can’t have every detail down. It’s your responsibility to find out where the truck and auto movers can stop at the new property and unload. There might be a designated area or parking structure, depending on the property. 

Parking the truck in the wrong area will only cause problems for you and the surrounding neighbors. Be courteous to everyone with some careful planning.

12. Check Your Belongings

As movers bring your items into the new property, take a look at each box or major item. Note any damage, such as dings or moisture issues, and bring them up with the movers. The best movers use extreme care with your valuables, but mistakes can occur.

Any major damages can be covered by moving insurance. Simply point out the issue as you discover it. No moving company can cover damage that’s noted days or weeks after the fact.

With the right movers helping you out, your move will be seamless. Don’t forget to reward your helpers with a tip, food or refreshments. You’re all in this trek together. A problem-free move takes effort on everyone’s parts.

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