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A move of any size is a big job. You might have 20 years worth of items in your garage alone. Hiring moving help is the most common answer to this major transition. Explore this comprehensive guide on moving tips and industry choices. Settle into your new destination with ease when moving professionals are along for the ride.

1. Do-It-Yourself Moving With a Rented Truck

Renting a truck is one of the most cost-effective choices you can make for a move. Simply select a truck that matches the size of your move, such as a one- or two-bedroom apartment. You become your own moving service.

Keep in mind, however, that extensive heavy labor is in your future. Loading and unloading the truck just like professional moving labor takes considerable effort. If you’re up to the task, you have a clever way to move without too much cost.

a. Finding and Driving the Vehicle

Ideally, hire a truck from a local dealer. Most cities have hubs where rental trucks are found in several sizes. Read over the facility’s reviews to verify cost and service quality first. One of the most popular options for renting a moving truck is with UHAUL. They have an easy-to-use tool to find the rate for your move!

Most rental trucks aren’t designed with complicated, moving service controls. They’re meant to be driven by everyday people. Listen to the dealer’s discussion on how to drive the truck and spatial concerns. By simply taking your time with the drive, you can look like a professional moving service on the road.

b. Insuring the Trip

When you hire moving help, insurance is already part of the cost. For a rental truck, you must insure the trip with a policy offered by the dealer or your personal insurance company.

Don’t overlook the importance of insuring the vehicle and the occupants. Acting as your own moving help may seem simple, but you’ll be traveling over unfamiliar roads in a large vehicle. Accidents can happen. Protecting the vehicle is a great way to take some stress away from the journey.

c. How to Load the Truck

Moving labor professionals normally load any truck with an “I” formation. Stow your heaviest items, including appliances and furniture, in the shape of an “I” within the truck’s middle section. Fill out the remaining space with lighter items.

Following this moving service tip forces the heaviest weight to stay above the vehicle’s chassis where it’s as stable as possible. As a result, the vehicle won’t sway too much on the road.

2. Opting for a Moving Service

Moving labor is available as a hybrid service. You’ve rented your own moving truck, but you need help with the physical challenges of transferring the items into the vehicle. Hiring these workers simplifies the work so that loved ones don’t take on these tough chores.

a. The Professional Touch

Moving help has the professional touch because these workers know how to load a vehicle. They know how to lift and transfer items into the truck so that no one and nothing is injured or damaged, respectively. No fragile items are put into harm’s way, which takes some of the worry away from moving day.

b. Easy Pricing

There are no complicated contracts when you hire moving labor workers. They simply charge by the hour. This hourly rate is agreed upon when you contract with them.

Moving Help. Moving Labor. Moving Service.

Go over the hourly rate and if there are any extra charges. Going past eight hours on a workday, for example, might cost you extra as overtime becomes part of the service. Keep track of the hours as moving day moves along too. Everyone should be on the same page so that the charges are straightforward and fair.

c. You’re in Control

Hire moving help to perform the tasks that you list on a contract. You’re in control of how much work they’re supposed to do. Ask the workers to focus on heavy items only, for example. You can move the smaller items.

In reality, this service is one of the best types when you want to be part of the moving team. You know which items are being packed and loaded and where they are on the vehicle. Consider the movers as helpful hands with you in charge otherwise.

3. Selecting the Moving Container

You may need some time to carefully pack away your belongings. In this case, moving help can be postponed until you fill a moving container. These wood or metal containers come in several different sizes. They’re brought to your property and left there until you fill them. Take 30 days or more to fill the container based on your contract. There’s no big hurry that’s common with a traditional moving day.

a. Storage Ease

Perform your own moving labor with a container dropped off at your property. It might rest in your driveway, for example. Each container comes with a sturdy lock so that security is always tight.

Keep the unit at your property until an official moving day. As an alternative, moving service professionals might haul the container to their property for temporary storage. You can settle into your new property and then request the container for immediate delivery.

b. Convenient Pickup and Drop-Off Options

You’re in full control of the container’s location at all times. Tell the moving labor about the final, drop-off location when you’re ready. The unit is carefully moved and placed in a location of your choosing. The moving help returns when the unit is empty.

This option is great for people who’re organized with their time and ready for some manual labor. Small- to medium-sized moves are perfect for container rentals.

4. Hiring Traditional Movers

Moving help is still available in the form of traditional movers. In basic terms, they can perform nearly every task associated with your move for an agreed-upon fee. When you compare moving labor to traditional movers, the cost difference might be significant. Understanding the services rendered is where the value is discovered. From packing to unpacking, these services are helpful for people who cannot perform such manual labor in a short period of time.

a. Looking Over Reviews

You’ll be spending a lot of time with these moving service professionals. They might spend several days at your home and destination to complete the moving process. For this reason alone, picking the proper moving help is paramount to success.

moving help. moving labor. moving services.

Go online, and read reviews about local movers. Focus on any patterns that might arise within the comments. Whether the patterns are positive or negative, they’re probably a good snapshot of the company’s habits in the field.

Use the reviews as a guide to selecting the right moving service for you.

b. Packing, Loading and Unloading

Hiring moving labor in its traditional form means that the services are comprehensive. The movers arrive on a given day to pack up your belongings. This service might happen several days before the actual move. The movers pack up the entire household if that’s the service you’ve agreed to in the beginning. Check out our Packing Tips for the smoothest and cheapest transition!

The moving service continues with loading the truck and verifying that every item is packed away. At the destination, the movers unload and unpack your items so that the transition is as easy as possible.

c. Team Spirit

Traditional moving labor comes with a team spirit. You and the movers will go on a journey together. With everything packed into the vehicle, everyone stays together on the road as you head out to the destination. If there’s an overnight stay involved with the move, you and the movers can take turns looking out for the vehicle’s security. Drive your own car while the movers haul the large truck. All of these details make the trip one large trek to the destination instead of many trips necessary to move everything over.

d. Specialty Needs

Remember that your moving help can be customized to your needs. Instead of driving the family car, the movers might ship it. The furniture may need assembly services at both locations. A moving service can perform these tasks when you contract for them during negotiations.

Other items, such as pool tables, can require a gentle and skilled touch during moving and reassembly. Be sure to ask about these specialty services before the trip gets under way.

Find the moving labor that you require by using a specialized search website. Licensed, bonded and insured movers are available in almost every area. You’ll feel more comfortable with your move as the journey moves ahead to that amazing new destination.


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