Long Distance Moving: How To Prepare

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Long-Distance Moving: How to Prepare

A long distance move is a major project for any family. There are many preparation steps that must be taken before the trip can even begin. Moving farther than your current city takes more effort that just calling the first moving company listed after an Internet search. You want a seamless move by qualified and licensed cross country movers. Take an in-depth look at how to prepare for a long-distance move. No detail will go overlooked when you know the steps involved.

1. How to Pack

Most cross country movers would suggest learning how to pack before handling any other detail. Follow these tips to protect your belongings during the long haul.

a. Start Early

As soon as you know that a move is approaching, start packing early. Collect cardboard boxes, tape, bubble wrap and other accessories for the packing process. Out of state movers will caution residents to narrow down their packing volume by holding a garage sale. Selling or donating items that aren’t of use anymore will make packing much easier than taking everything in the home.

b. Focus on Items to Pack Now

After clearing the home of any clutter, gather the items that you want to keep but aren’t used on a daily basis. Family heirlooms, holiday decorations and similar items don’t need to be on hand between now and the move. Place them into their respective boxes, label the container and stack them in a corner. Taking one less chore out of your to-do list will make packing easier down the road.

c. Use Quality Packing Materials

Don’t select the thinnest cardboard boxes around. You want quality packing materials for your move. Because the boxes will be traveling hundreds of miles, the cardboard must withstand some vibration and changes in temperature. Ideally, select heavy-duty boxes designed for your items’ weights. Long distance movers can always point out the best selections for your needs.

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d. Be Aware of Specialty Items

Take a look at your household’s belongings. Items such as pool tables and grandfather clocks must be handled with extreme care. In some cases, the items should be disassembled before the move and reassembled at the new home.

Some cross country moving companies have experience with specialty items, so ask them about their detailed services beforehand. If they don’t have a particular service, they might have a colleague that can help out.

e. Label With Diligence

Out of state moving companies can be systematic with their unloading processes if your boxes are properly labeled. Add labels to each box on at least two sides, such as kitchen or bedroom. As movers unload the boxes, they can place them in their respective rooms. Your unpacking process is then simplified after the movers complete their job. You’ll be able to find everything with ease.

For more expert tips on packing, check out our article on how to pack for a move!

With the packing all set for long distance moving companies, it’s time to focus on the route ahead. Both the movers and residents should know about the route and any challenges that might arise.

2. Knowing the Route

Moves with cross country movers are unique because you don’t necessarily know the route ahead. You may have never driven the path that will be perfect for the moving truck. Explore the reasons why the route is so important to your long distance move.

a. Stick With the Truck

A long-distance move will often tempt residents to take a flight to the destination while the long distance movers haul the cargo. Ideally, you want to stay with the truck. Although your movers are professionals, there may be delays and unforeseen realities that arise. You don’t want to be hundreds of miles away with a problem on the road.

b. Plan the Route

Most out of state moving companies can help you plan out a route that’s safe and accommodating for the truck. Remember that the truck’s size and weight must be accounted for when crossing state lines, bridges and entering tunnels. The route that you might take in a car can be vastly different than the moving truck’s pathway.

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Consider the best path for the moving truck, including possible mountains to traverse. Ideally, the most straightforward and flat pathway is the best choice.

Understand how different routes can affect your cost by clicking here.

c. Pick Out Rest Stops

The employees with long distance moving companies are dedicated to their work, but there must be resting periods along the designated route. Select a pathway that includes regular rest stops. They should be conducive to moving trucks and their size. The out of state movers should have a chance to stretch, rest and eat at these stops.

Think of the rest stops as a perfect place for your refreshment period too. Driving long distances is wearing on the mind and body.

d. Reserve Motels

Because most out of state moves cover hundreds of miles, an overnight stay for at least one night is typical. Be sure to reserve a motel or hotel that can support a moving truck in the parking lot. Your movers might have suggestions too.

These properties should be well lit so that your belongings are safe in the truck overnight. Read reviews on these properties before you make any reservations. Your overnight adventure should be relatively uneventful.

Your route is all planned out, but weather-related delays can derail any good plans. Discover the best seasons for a move with out of state movers. The outside temperatures can make a big difference in your experience.

3. Best Seasons

As you consider various long distance moving companies, timing your move during the right season should be part of your preparation process. Plan far ahead so that the best season arrives with a low cost and mover availability.

a. Explore the Fall

Most out of state movers agree that fall is the best season to move. Between September and December, fewer people move because of school or work commitments. Cross country movers might actually be slow with their appointment quantities.


Pick a weekday during the fall to schedule your move. You’ll have a competitive price and ample dates to choose from.

b. Sneaking Into Spring

The next best season to move is during the spring. Consider early spring because many people are still too busy to move. You should be able to sell a home or find a rental with ease during this period.

Out of state movers may have some appointments on their books, but there’s still availability. Simply schedule your transition early on to lock in the best rates.

c. Winter With Good Weather

Moving during the winter isn’t suggested, but it can work for some situations. If you’re moving between two regions with mild to moderate weather, you can secure some low-cost prices. Any areas with ice or snow, however, are more conducive to a fall or spring move.

d. Avoid Summer

The majority of cross country moving companies are busy during the summer. Families who don’t want to uproot their children will wait until the school year is over to move. If you can avoid this season, it’s best to do so.

Movers will charge premium prices and their availability remains limited. The weather might be too hot in some areas, which makes any packing and transition a more difficult process than it should be. If you must move during the summer, keep in mind that prices and availability will be a concern.

Give yourself time to research out of state moving companies before you make any final decisions. This research process is just as important as packing or timing the move. Use these best practices to move forward with your long-distance transition.

Check out our article here for more insights on which season is best for your move!

4. Research Companies

You’ll be spending a lot of time with your cross country movers, so choosing the right service is paramount to success. Follow these steps that outline the best research methods. The proper mover for you will be clear after a thorough look at the competition.

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a. Try Recommendations First

If friends have recently moved across the country, ask them about their experience. Word of mouth is still a powerful and accurate way to find cross country moving companies. Don’t just focus on cost either. Ask about punctuality, professionalism and care with the belongings. If the out of state movers were indifferent about how the belongings were handled, you might experience the same situation.

b. Look at Online Reviews

An intelligent way to narrow down your hiring process is by going online. Read reviews of long-distance movers so that you can see firsthand accounts. Look at both positive and negative reviews. Visit MyMovingReviews for ratings of all the moving companies in your area. If you notice a pattern, such as broken dishes with multiple customers, skip ahead to another company.

c. Request Online Quotes

Most cross country movers offer online quotes today. They base the rough quotes on your descriptions of the items to be moved. To make the quoting process easier, send photos of your home. Include shots of every room that must be moved. Attics and basements should also be part of the request. The movers can give you a good idea of a price with this information.

Click the button below to get a free quote PLUS a free estimate!

d. Narrow Down the Selections With In-Person Meetings

You’ve researched a mover and asked for an online quote. You’re confident about your selection. It’s time to invite the mover over for an exact quote on your trip.

Remember that you aren’t obligated to hire a company until you sign a contract. Continue to critique the mover by reading over the quote and associated fees. Ask about deposits and balance-due dates too. All of these details will help you pick the right out of state movers.

It’s relieving to know that you’ll have the right long distance movers for your trip, but cost is also a concern. Break down the cost information that’s typical for a long-distance move. There are reasonable ranges based on your individual needs.

5. What is the Cost?

A single-family home with less than 8,000 pounds worth of goods might be able to move 1,000 miles for around $5,000. This cost estimate for cross country moving companies is rough, however. There are many influencing factors that will determine your ultimate invoice price.

a. Weight Plays a Major Role

When it comes to long-distance moves, the weight of your belongings is a critical factor in your final quote. Most out of state movers will use the weight to start out the quote and add on anything extra as the circumstances dictate. Try to stay within the weight range so that your quote doesn’t rise too steadily.

b. Labor Involved

Out of state movers will charge a flat rate for basic services. Specialty needs, such as maneuvering through narrow stairwells or assembling a pool table, will cost more. Be transparent about the labor that you’ll need during the trip. A more accurate cost will be at your disposal.

c. Traveling Distance and Insurance

The distance traveled will be a factor in your cost. Pick a route that’s as straightforward as possible. Taking meandering routes will only cost more in labor and fuel.

Cross country movers also offer insurance during their services. The rates will depend on your goods and distance involved with the move. Be generous in this area because purchasing enough insurance for the move will protect you from any financial strain.

d. Date Influences

Out of state moving companies must also price their services based on dates. A weekend move near the first or 30th of the month will cost more than a transition on the 10th, which might be a Tuesday.

The weekends are at a premium because many people don’t want to take time off from work. The first and 30th remain popular because rent and mortgages are often due at these points in the month. Be unique with another date so that costs drop substantially.

The best way to create a cost range is by contacting several long distance movers. Compare those prices and select your professionals. You’ll be confident in your choice as a result of these efforts.

Start your transition today by contacting long distance moving companies. Reputable businesses can walk you through the process so that you’re always prepared for each step. This move should be an exciting one to take. Allow the professionals to work through the difficult steps as you enjoy the new scenery and home.


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